Course Details

Master in Management Studies

Two years full-time post-graduate program

Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Approved by AICTE


First Shift : 120
Second Shift : 60
Total : 180

Institute Code : MB3151

Course Structure

In the first year of the program, students are trained in the functional areas of management. The aim is to ensure conceptual clarity in all fields of management. In the second year, students can opt for one of the functional specializations offered by the institute viz., Marketing, Finance, HR, IT and Operations. The course structure is as per University of Mumbai

Restructured & Revised Syllabus under Credit based Semester and Grading System for Master of Management Studies (MMS) 2 Years full time Masters Degree Course in Management (Please refer

Semester Total No of Credits
Semester I 20
Semester II 20
Semester III 22.5
Semester IV 17.5
Total 80

MMS – Semester – I (Core Subjects All Specialisations)
Perspective Management
Business Communication and Management Information Systems
Organisational Behaviour
Financial Accounting
Operations Management
Marketing Management
Managerial Economics
Business Statistics

MMS –Semester II (6 Core Subjects and 2 Specialisation Electives)
Cost & Management Accounting
Financial Management
Operations Research
Human Resources Management
Legal Aspects of Business & Taxation
Business Research Methods
Specialisation Elective I
Specialisation Elective II

Semester II Marketing Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Rural Marketing
Event Management
Retail Management
Export Documentation & Procedures

Semester II Finance Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Financial Markets, Products & Institutions
Analysis of Financial Statements
International Finance
Banking & Insurance


Semester II Human Resource Specialisation Electives (Any Two) Semester II Operations Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Indian Ethos in Management Total Quality Management
Human Resource Planning Supply Chain Risk and Performance Measurement
Human Resource Information Systems Designing Operations Systems
Compensation & Benefits Technology Management & Manufacturing Strategy


Semester II Information Technology Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
E – Commerce
Networking and Communications
Enterprise Applications
Software Quality Assurance & Marketing

MMS – Semester III Specialization with Electives (Any Two)
Electives (Any of the two shall be given)
UA: - University Assessment


Common Paper for all Specialization
International Business : UA
Strategic Management : Internal Paper

Summer Internship

MMS –Semester III – Finance Specialisation Semester III Finance Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Advanced Financial Management: UA Commodities Market
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Fixed Income
Corporate Valuation Strategic Cost Management
Corporate Law Derivatives & Risk Management
Finance Elective I  
Finance Elective II  


MMS –Semester III – Human Resources Specialisation Semester III Human Resources Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Product & Brand Management:UA Services Marketing
Sales Management & Sales Promotion Distribution and Supply Chain Management
Consumer & Industrial Buyer Behaviour Marketing Research & Analytics
Financial Aspects of Marketing Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Elective – I  
Marketing Elective – II  


MMS –Semester III – Human Resources Specialisation Semester III Human Resources Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Organisational Theories, Structure & Design:UA Global HRM
Competency based HRM Employee Rewards Management
Employee Relations & Labour Laws Human Resource Audit
Training & Development Performance Management Systems
Human Resources Elective– I  
Human Resources Elective– II  


MMS –Semester III – Operations Specialisation Semester III Operations Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Advanced Supply Chain Management: UA Quantitative Methods in Operations
Materials Management & Transportation New Product Development and Concurrent Engineering
Business Process Re-engineering and Benchmarking Industrial Engineering Applications and Management
Manufacturing Resource Planning & Control International Logistics & Supply Chains
Operations Elective – I  
Operations Elective – II  


MMS –Semester III – Information Technology Specialisation Semester III Information Technology Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Software Engineering: UA Technology Platforms
Business Intelligence and Analytics Database Management Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning Software Testing
Knowledge Management Information System Audit
Information Technology Elective – I  
Information Technology Elective – II  

MMS – Semester IV Specialization with Electives (Any Two)
Electives (Any of the two shall be given)
UA: - University Assessment


Common Paper for all Specialization
Management Control System: UA
Creativity & Innovation Management : Internal Paper

Industry Oriented Dissertation

MMS –Semester IV – Finance Specialisation Semester IV Finance Specialisation Electives (Any Two))
Financial Modeling Wealth Management
Mergers Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring Treasury Management
Finance Elective I Behavioural Finance
Finance Elective II Project Finance


MMS –Semester IV – Marketing Specialisation Semester IV Marketing Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Strategic Marketing Management Quantitative Models in Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing Business to Business Marketing
Marketing Elective – I Media Planning & Strategy
Marketing Elective – II Emerging Trends in Marketing


MMS –Semester IV – Human Resources Specialisation Semester IV Human Resources Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Management of Change Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
Strategic Human Resource Management Organisational Development
Human Resources Elective – I Building Learning Organisations
Human Resources Elective – II Role of HR in Knowledge Management


MMS –Semester IV – Operations Specialisation Semester IV Operations Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Strategic Operations Management Six Sigma
Project Management World Class Manufacturing
Operations Elective – I Service Operations Management
Operations Elective – II Lean Manufacturing


MMS –Semester IV – Information Technology Specialisation Semester IV Information Technology Specialisation Electives (Any Two)
Project Management Technology Competition and Strategy
IT Infrastructure Management Data warehousing & Data Mining
Information Technology Elective – I Managing Technology Business
Information Technology Elective – II Technology Forecasting