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Master of Management MMS Admission 2021: How to Apply? {explained in detail}

MMS admission

MMS Admission 2021: How to Apply? The MMS admissions process appears simple in theory, but it involves much patience and mental effort. Many candidates get confused in the process and end up facing difficulties at key moments. One may not be able to locate the necessary documents at the right time. Perhaps one doesn’t know … Read more

What is Master of Management Studies (MMS) {discussed in-depth!}

What is MMS (Master of Management Studies) - Indira IIBM Navi Mumbai

What is MMS (Master of Management Studies)? Although MMS courses have transformed from simple audio-video-based training to full-fledged assessment and certification courses, still they have not received the attention they deserve.  Master of Management Studies (MMS) is a two-year postgraduate degree course that has been successfully running for more than a decade now. It is … Read more

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