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Indira IIBM MMS College Navi Mumbai - Challenges in MBA

Challenges of MBA


Firstly, ‘Why MBA?’ This is the most common question that confuses even the most experienced and intelligent people. Gone are the days when business was as simple as purchasing at a lower price and selling, after adding a margin to the purchase price. The horizons of doing business have expanded in the last few decades and hence there has arisen a need for applying professional knowledge.

An MBA program, be it in any field, marketing or finance, operations or HR, helps an individual evolve, in areas of technical knowledge in his chosen stream. Not only does he/she just gain bookish knowledge, but their communication skills are also enhanced by making presentations, the values of teamwork and leadership skills are inculcated in them by participating in group projects, and many such skills are sharpened throughout the tenure of the course.

Maintaining an MBA – Life balance could get pretty challenging. MBA demands not just time but also tests your patience. Unlike other courses, the MBA demands more than just going through textbooks. To excel in the course, you need to dedicate yourself, with your whole heart and soul into the subject. It is important to have a constant curiosity to learn more. More than being a one-stop destination, MBA is like a continual journey, where no amount of hard work is sufficient; there is always room for more knowledge. To manage classes, home reading, assignments, networking activities, teamwork, guest speakers, study trips, requires excellent time management. But again, as the sayings go, “Failures are the stepping stones to success” and “Only hard work will lead you to success” all these challenges if conquered could lead to a very satisfying career and self-development.


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