What is Corporate Interactive Series at Indira IIBM and how is it important?

What is Corporate Interactive Series and Why is it important – an IIBM Tradition

What is a Corporate Interactive Series (CIS) at Indira IIBM?

Corporate Interactive Series (CIS) is an event that has become a culture started by Indira Institute of Business management for the benefit of MMS students who have been pursuing MMS PG Degree. 

In this CIS event, students interact with Subject matter experts (SMEs) from different colleges, institutions, and industries who have been excelling in Business Management related subjects. 

Is it a culture that any MMS College should adopt like IIBM?

Ofcourse, YES!

IIBM has been following the tradition of the CIS regularly, in which the college invites subject matter experts to share their industry experience and have an interactive session with MMS Students.

This event enhances the quality of the MMS course by providing Industry experts’ expertise to the students.

What happens in the IIBM Corporate Interactive Series (CIS) event?

Student’s of each stream are proactively intimidated about the CIS session which is scheduled once every week at the campus.

Students are well prepared & geared up to interact with the Industry experts on which they plan their career goal’s ahead.  

How does it benefit Business management students studying at IIBM?

  • Fosters innovation in students
  • Helps in building trust and credibility
  • Enhances their decision making ability

What are the benefits of interactive participation?

  • Direct interaction with the subject matter experts
  • Helps students to improve their public speaking skills
  • Encourages brainstorming through creative thought process

What will the Subject matter experts provide to the MMS students in CIS?

The niche experts make the students aware of the current business scenarios and latest market trends.

They provide potential resources to the students which they can later apply in the course.

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