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masters of management studies entrance exam

Masters of Management Studies Entrance Exams {take a look!} 2021💯

masters of management studies entrance exam

Masters of Management Studies  Entrance Exams 

The master’s of management studies entrance exam is known as  MAH CET (MBA/MMS) which is a great platform to gain professionally valuable experience. This examination provides a platform for the graduates for a career in the corporate world. The MBA/MMS is a prestigious postgraduate examination of India’s Association of MMS Colleges (AICCI).

master of management studies Entrance Exam

The MMS Entrance Exam is one of the toughest entrance exams in the world. It is a very competitive exam but does not receive the same attention as other MMS entrance exams, also called MBS exams outside Maharashtra. 

The MMS Entrance Exam is prepared by one of the largest management institutes in the country. This institute also conducts the MMS (Master of Management Studies) Entrance Exam for the students. INDIRA institute has the experience of conducting the MMS Entrance Exam for many years.

The MMS Entrance Exam is one of the biggest Entrance Exams in India. Students from all over the world come here to take this exam for their MMS.

There are some tips that you can follow to crack this exam. For example, if you are from a small city, then you can rent a house in a city and study there. In this way you will not get distracted as well, you can also practice in your hotel room.

What is the eligibility criteria of MAH-CET MMS 2021?

The MAH CET is the entrance test to many MMS courses like BCA, BBA, MBA, MCA, MPA, MCom, MSc, MTech, MD, MCA, MCA (I), MBA (IP), MCA (IP), MBA (Mgmt), MCA (Mgmt), MBA (Mgmt), etc. The eligibility criteria of MAH-CET MBA 2021 are different according to the number of years of the candidate applying for the MAH CET MMS 2021. 

Will FYJC Admissions 2021 be Based on the Entrance Exam?

To modernize the admissions process, the Board of Governors of The Institute of Business Management (FYJC) has planned to introduce an entrance exam in the fall of 2019. All candidates will be graded on a 0-10 scale. 

The exam will also be a single-day affair that the institute itself will administer. A debate has been raging on whether or not the admissions criteria for the upcoming FYJC admissions will be based on the Entrance exam.

List of MMS Entrance Exams in India 2021-22 – Schedule, Application, Exam Pattern, Syllabus 

The ATMA and MAH CET are the two most popular MMS entrance exams in India. The exams are conducted twice a year, March and September. Each exam is conducted by a central board of education (CBE) and is recognized by the affiliated colleges. 

The MMS entrance exam is one of the most competitive exams globally and is conducted by over 3300 establishments across the country. It is conducted twice a year at a central venue, with the first exam held in March and the second exam in September.

MMS entrance exams in India are getting tougher, and the competition is tightening among qualified candidates. So, if you are looking to crack the entrance exams of the most prestigious MMS institutes in India for your dream career, then here are the names of the entrance exams you should consider

MAH MMS CET 2021 Exam Centres (Outside Maharashtra)

The MMS CET is conducted in various centers by MBA and MMS institutions. The important thing to note here is that the entrance exam is conducted in a team of Centre. The exam is usually conducted for two weeks. The important thing to note here is that the entrance exam is conducted in a team of Centre. 

It is with pride that we, the Indira Institute of Business Management (IIBM), have come up with an exclusive list of MAH MMSCET 2021 Exam Centres (INSIDE Maharashtra), where applicants can get the required preparatory coaching sessions (Tutorials, Lectures, Mock Test, Classroom Training, and Moderation) for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH MMSCET)

A postgraduate course in Management is being handed out in the different states of Maharashtra. MAH CET MMS is a state-level examination. MAH CET is conducted every year in February. However, these centers can be based as per the examination department amidst covid examinations are held online.

Type of questions in MH-CET exams

 The Maharashtra State CET (common entrance test) is conducted by Maharashtra University, the state government’s university. 

The CET is a nationwide test prepared and conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India’s national education board. Also, it is a common entrance test that the various state governments in India conduct.

The MMS MAster of management studies entrance exam syllabus is updated every year and carries different topics, and the same is the case for the exam papers. It is a highly competitive exam with a lot of aspirants submitting their applications every year. 

The questions in the exam are of different types. There are questions on financial analysis, marketing, business analysis, decision making, logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, etc.

What is the average fee for the course Master of Management Studies(MMS)?

For many international students, earning a Master’s degree is the greatest achievement in their lives and profession. You will have a new identity and a new skill set, which will make you very attractive to prospective clients and employers. However, earning a Master’s degree can be very expensive, which means most students need to take out student loans to cover tuition.

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) is a special postgraduate degree offered by the Indira Institute of Management Studies. It is a two-year program that has a duration of two years. The programs offered are MMS and MMS in Management. So, what are the fees? The MMS fees for the two-year program are Rs 1,72,000/- per year for a student applying after the completion of their graduation. 

mms entrance examinations at IIBM

MMS Application Procedures for IIBM 

The application for this course is available only online on the website and is intended for Indian students studying in India. The application is only available in English. There are 1200 seats available to eligible students.

The Indira Institute of Business Management (IBIM) is a premier institute in Mumbai, India, that offers training programs in business management.

It is conducting different MMS courses (MMS in its various forms) till  2021. The institute is also dynamically offering the course in a very special way for a short period.

There is no doubt that MMS is a blend of the best of marketing, with the knowledge and experience of business. The institute has made sure to design its course in a manner that is educative and entertaining.


One of the most important decisions you will have to make when applying for a master’s degree is what university you will be applying to. Each university has its own set of principles and application procedures, which can be confusing at first. To apply for MAH-CET, at Mumbai university click here 

It is very important to prepare yourself for the upcoming entrance exams. It is also very important to know about the admission process, application fees, courses, etc. This article will help you in gaining all this knowledge and information. This blog will also provide all the necessary information to know and prepare yourself for the entrance exams.

Important Dates for MAH-CET exams

For those who have yet to start their Master in Management Studies preparation, or those who have completed their exams but are yet to complete their academic proceeding, here’s a list of important dates for the Master in Management Studies (Mhcet) exam 2021, so that you can get a head start on your academic journey. Click here to know more about MH-CET 


The most important conclusion that can be made from this article is that for any student aspiring to appear for the University of Mumbai Common Entrance Test (CET) 2021 (MMS), it is necessary to maintain good health and do a complete analysis of the various sources of stress. 

Stresses such as the pressure of studying, family pressure, exam pressure, marital problems, excessive workload, etc., may all harm a student’s performance in the examination.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the exam centers of MAH CET MBA 2021 outside Maharashtra?

Indira Institute of Business Management has allotted exam centers for MAH-CET MBA 2021 Exam outside Maharashtra as follows:
1. Indira Institute of Business Management, Ghaziabad
2. Indira College of Management, Mumbai
3. Indira College of Management, Indore
4. Indira Business School, Chennai
5. Indira Business School, Bangalore
6. Indira Business School, Hyderabad
7. Indira Business School, Kolkata
8. Indira Business School, Delhi
9. Indira Business School, Jaipur
10. Indira Business School, Chandigarh
11. Indira Business School, Ghaziabad
12. Indira Business School

 How many marks are deducted for wrong answers in the entrance of the MMS exam? 

The MMS exam entrance is scored on a scale from 0 to 100. For every incorrect answer, a student will lose 1 mark.

What is the mode of the entrance examination? 

The entrance test consists of Multiple choice objective type questions and its online 

I am appearing in the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree exam. Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply, provided you have at least 55% aggregate marks in all the semesters of your Bachelor’s Degree. You must also have a valid MH-CET score.

 What is the duration of the course Master of Management Studies(MMS)?

The duration of the course Master of Management Studies(MMS) is 2 years. the first year is about general subjects and the second year is about specialization subjects

 Will FYJC Admissions 2021 be Based on the Entrance Exam? 

Admission to the institute is based on academic scores and a personal interview. No. The institute follows an entrance exam based on the marks obtained by the student in the qualifying examination.

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