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The Art and Craft of Time Management - Monica Khanna

The Art and Craft of Time Management – How to use time effectively?

How to use time effectively?

Have you ever felt that you are not effectively be able to manage your time? Are you procrastinating to accomplish tasks? Are you one of those who feel like postponing work? Then this article is for you!

Covid has taught us all innumerable things, but one of the greatest lessons from a professional point of view has been that of time management. For some, the lockdown was an opportunity to hone and upgrade their skills, to spend time with the family and to accomplish all that they had been unable to accomplish earlier due to paucity of time.

For others, however, the lockdown was a period of lazing around, doing nothing constructive. They constantly complained of boredom, and the rusting of their skills. They had so much time on hand that they did not know what to do with it.

Winners vs Whiners:

Time management is perhaps what distinguishes winners from whiners.

Winners make good managers and leaders; while whiners find themselves in a perennial maze, struggling at every step, unable to find their way out.

Winners are able to manage their time effectively. They know their limitations and what they can handle. They do not make commitments that they cannot live up to. They know how to say ‘no’ politely, yet firmly, and can be assertive without appearing rude.

They plan their schedule systematically and meticulously, leaving time aside for the unexpected, that may appear suddenly in any form.  Winners prioritize their tasks according to importance and urgency. They can differentiate between what needs to be done immediately for optimum benefit, and what will cause no harm if it is slightly delayed.

Winners also know how to delegate responsibilities so as to ensure that they are not overburdened with work that can easily be outsourced to others, giving them the time to focus on tasks that no one else can do better. They exhibit great self-discipline and self-control, and do not allow themselves to be swayed by emotions. Their self-awareness is immense, and they understand their strengths and weaknesses. They are their own judges and know when and how to impose restrictions on themselves.

Whiners, on the other hand, are perpetually grumbling about not having enough time to complete their work.

The fact of the matter is that they are easily distracted, and are unable to put commas and full stops where they should.

Few attributes of Whiners:

For instance, if they start browsing their phones, they shift from one social media platform to another, from one YouTube video to another, and from one website to another, without even realizing the passage of time. They constantly switch channels on their television set, and before they know it, they have already spent hours deciding what to watch. They lose track of the time they spend chatting with a friend, when they should be focusing instead on the task assigned to them. They tend to procrastinate – to put off things that are either too difficult, too complex, or too boring. They often do not know where to begin, and keep waiting for an opportune moment which never arrives. Lacking a sense of self-restraint, they give in easily to indulgences that cost them a fortune in the long run.

The old adage ‘time is money’ is indeed valuable, and imperative for the achievement of success in one’s endeavours. The loss of time is irreversible, as one can never bring back time that is gone. For every manager and aspiring winner, the art and craft of time management is a crucial skill that must be learned and practised in order to achieve success.


Time management is an important skill that every successful manager must possess. It can be acquired with self-discipline and meticulous planning. It is what differentiates winners from whiners.  Winners accomplish their goals with a smile on their face, while whiners constantly frown, grumble and complain. What do you want to be? A winner or a whiner?

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