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Why Should IIBM Navi Mumbai Be Your First Choice for MMS?

A two-year course of PGDM at a B-School trains you for the rest of your career. While making a choice of college, always keep in mind that it is going to impact the rest of your career.

Indira Institute of Business Management’s vision is to create a business school of excellence, aiming at meeting industrial standards & creating global business leaders. Hence, in order to fulfill this vision, state of the art infrastructure has been created to cater to all the needs of the students.

Globalization has made the world a very small place. It is very important to not restrict one’s boundaries. Limited knowledge will have a direct impact on a student’s career. At IIBM Navi Mumbai, special care is taken to develop the student’s intellect. Students are trained according to the international standards and provided with a full-fledged global exposure. This would help them to perform well in any part of the world. Special guest faculties are invited to the campus for corporate intellectual sessions. These guests hold high positions in various fields and interact with students to give them an insight into the real world. This kind of activity is important because we believe that only book knowledge is not sufficient for a student’s all-round development.

After making such great efforts, IIBM Navi Mumbai makes sure that all the students are placed and the package offered to them makes justice to their capabilities. Only top companies are invited on campus to recruit students because only then it would be fair to gratify their efforts they have put into this course.

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